Minneapolis Record Show


The Next Record Show is on Saturday, June 3rd !!!! We will have a silent auction to raise money for Ukraine.  Hopefully this show doesn’t get snowed out!  

Find that rare LP, 45, t-shirt! Get a beverage and browse thirty tables of vendors full of cool vinyl, vintage t-shirts and clothing, cassettes, vhs, posters and cd’s. Experience a full day of crate-digging at the original Minnesota Record Show.

Free parking 

Saturday, June 3rd
9am -3pm CT
Admission is $2.00. All ages.

Hook & Ladder Theater

3010 Minnehaha Ave So., Minneapolis, Mn 55406


Sponsored by White Bear Lake Records

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Is there a demand for Classical vinyl LP records?????
Are there any classical records for sale at the Twin Citie Record Show?

Comment by Anonymous

Vendors &collectors: do you have some worn-out poly bags that you’re going to throw away? Please bring them to the Record Show , and I’ll give you a small bit of CASH for them That’s right, GoJohnnyGo has a use for your old dingy poly bags. Just look for the record seller with the funny hat- that’s me. -John

Comment by gojohnnygo

Saturday’s show was the MOST FUN I’ve ever been to. Can’t wait ’til the next one!

Comment by gojohnnygo

Hey! I’ve posted a list of Minnesota R&B records (45s and LPs) 1959-1977 (pre-Prince) st gojohnnygo.com . Check it out & please make comments with additions I’ve missed, and I’ll keep it updated. -Johnny

Comment by gojohnnygo

I love the Record Show! See ya there- I’ll be the one wearing the funny hat.

Comment by gojohnnygojohnny

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